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Dr. Post’s Recent TED Talk

Golden Rule Flourishing

When the happiness and security of others is as meaningful to you as your own, you are a person of love and you will flourish. Here are ten ways of giving that mean a lot to me.  More


Dec. 21, 2016  Bucks County Courier Times—’Tis the season for giving

Dec. 19, 2016  The Columbus Dispatch—Helping others helps volunteers’ own health, research finds

Dec. 1, 2016  Dr. Post at UK College of Medicine Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series

Dr. Post Among Primary Drafters of the United Nations Population Fund Document “Enhancing Human Flourishing Within the 2030 Development Agenda: The Spirituality of Global Transformation”

For over 20 years, Dr. Stephen G. Post has been spreading the science of giving and the commitment to the greater good. He has promoted the idea of “give and live better” across the globe. Funding over 50 scientific studies at the nation’s top universities as well as conducting his own research, Stephen is considered the “go to” guy with his uplifting message that when we contribute to the lives of others, give meaningfully, and live by the Golden Rule, we are generally:

Books by Dr. Stephen G. Post

He brings a new level of insight into the ways in which we benefit as givers and a whole lot of practical advice about shifting cultural systems in schools, healthcare, businesses and communities in a positive direction.

“Bring in the stars of positive psychology, like Stephen Post.”
—Marty Seligman, Founder of Positive Psychology and author of Flourish

“Dr. Post’s work is more than a feel-good read. It’s today’s handbook for survival.”
Publishers Weekly

Video: eBay—Here’s Why Holiday Gifting Gives You All The Feels

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