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Newsletter February 10, 2021

The Definition of Unconditional Love


The most widely cited definition of love floating around today is our own, actually an enhancement of Dr. Harry Stack Sullivan's:

A definition I like about unconditional love comes from Stephen G. Post, PhD, president of The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love. In an interview, he stated that unconditional love is "When the happiness and security of another is as real and meaningful to us as our own."

The phrases I like here are "as real and meaningful" and "as our own." Their happiness and security should never go above your own. In effect, it is unrealistic and a misplaced priority to want to love another more than we love ourselves. Or may I say, hypocritical!

Read the article. Find our definition here:

Book - God and Love on Route 80

How are we thinking about Covid-19 and healthcare professionals?

PDF article: The Moral Lessons of Covid-19: A Call for Renewal

Have you ever wondered how love can survive survive the Holocaust?

Take a look at Elke Babicki's wonderful new book, Identity: From Holocaust to Home - A Memoir

Book - Identity: From Holocaust to Home

What happens to a child as the offspring carrying the legacy of Nazi Germany and that of a Jewish Concentration Camp survivor? The war that should have separated the parents of Elke Babicki actually brought them together and made them rise above prejudice. In Identity: from Holocaust to Home, Babicki makes a most unusual contribution to the literature of the Holocaust. She transforms her family's history into a tale with universal meaning. Elke Babicki weaves an amazing story of survival and heroism in Nazi Germany, addressing the tyranny of PTSD over generations which carry valuable lessons for us all.

Identity demonstrates it is not the hand we are dealt with that matters, but our resilience in the face of adversity, the ability to move forward despite. The book attracts a core readership interested in history, the Holocaust and the effects of immigration. In addition, it attracts readers of bestselling memoirs such as Educated and The Glass Castle. And finally, there is a spiritual component to the story which speaks to readers who are seeking greater meaning in their life. For more on the book go to


Stephen G. Post, PhD


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