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Newsletter May 3, 2020

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Miracles for me boil down to small acts of kindness that seem too perfect to believe. These are events of synchronicity that make us feel cherished by some higher consciousness, call it what you will, that connects us in mysterious ways.

Book: God and Love on Route 80

Cleveland was home, after all. So about 11 PM, my friend Tom and I were taking behind the Glidden House Hotel in University Circle. Tom thought I was crazy to be leaving after 20 years. Then, out of the dark of the night next to the Barking Spider Tavern, we saw a thin African-American man slowly walking toward us. We heard some jingles from the bells on his blue leather jacket. He approached me with a beautifully carved walking stick in his hand. He said that he had a feeling that he was supposed to find someone behind Glidden who was destined to take a journey and have this beautiful walking stick that he carved. Tom and I were both shocked. So I thanked him and gave him $40. He said, "This stick is kind of magical. It will guide you better than you can do yourself. Follow it and you will be fine." Then he walked away into the night with a smile, bells jingling. I felt it was a very unusual encounter of synchonicity - something so uncanny that is feels almost "set up" by some sort of larger Consciousness. I later found out that this man was well known around Cleveland for his elaborate shamnistic carved walking sticks. Maybe he had some premonition to come out that late and find me. Or maybe he didn't. But it was an encounter that left me feeling that somehow my leaving the next morning heading east on Rt. 80 would work out after all, and it did.

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Quantum Miracles Mastery: photos of Melissa Binkley and Stephen G. Post

There will be many other guest including Mark Nepo, Dr. Sue Morter, Lynne McTaggart, Don Miguel Ruiz, Belinda Womack, Dean Radin, Jack Canfield, Nikki Cuthberston and many others sharing about their miracles and how you can find your own path to experiencing more miracles in your life.


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