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Newsletter December 21

One Mind and the Ultimate Reality of Pure Unlimited Love

Dear Friends

With the Holiday Season upon us, I invite you to join in a discussion with the world-renowned David Lorimer, author of Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality, a project supported in 2001-2003 by the Templeton Foundation, and editor of the leading journal Paradigm Explorer, published by the Scientific & Medical Network. David is leading the sophisticated discussion in scientific and philosophical circles about the nature of "Ultimate Reality," and of the renewed appreciation by numerous prominent thinkers all over the world as to the validity of a nonmaterialist metaphysics (namely, that "non-local" Mind is not derived from Matter).

Mystice & Scientists Extra 2020: One Mind and the Ultimate Reality of Pure Unlimited Love, Dec. 30

On Wednesday, December 30, from 2:30-4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (or 7:30-9:30 PM GMT as David is based in London), David and I will have an end-of-year conversation on One Mind and the Ultimate Reality of Pure Unlimited Love. Before the famous investor Sir John Marks Templeton passed away in the summer of 2008, he called me through his son Dr. Jack Templeton with an unusual request: "Dad [Sir John] is dying, and there is a book he wants you to write on his behalf as he will not be able to do so. He wants to call it Ultimate Reality is Unlimited Love." I asked Jack to go back to Sir John and ask if we could add a question mark. The result is the book by Stephen G. Post (with and for Sir John Templeton) Is Unlimited Love Ultimate Reality?

David and I will be discussing the thought of Sir John, and how it has evolved in our work.

Please do join us. It will get your mind on Big Questions.

Book: God and Love on Route 80 Book: God and Love on Route 80



Stephen G. Post, PhD


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