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Rx How Compassionate Care Heals
Benefits for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

“Dr. Post elevated volunteers, staff and administration with his inspiring words. Many expressed that his talk on love and compassion had taken the entire event to a new level. In addition, many were in awe that a person of his renowned was so approachable and engaging. Our Compassionate Care Giver Volunteers have a new ‘hero’ to look up to.” —Susan Rehhausser, MALS, Assistant Director, Volunteer Services, Reading Health System

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“The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.” —Dr. Francis Peabody, Harvard Medical School

The care of the patient is both a science and an art. It is on the one hand the competent application of science; on the other hand it is the art of being attentively and fully present to the patient in a manner that facilitates well-being, security, treatment adherence and healing. Compassionate care is the essence of this art.

We know that:

A leading authority on compassionate care, Dr. Stephen Post discusses how compassionate care contributes to patient adherence to difficult treatments, helps clinicians make more accurate diagnoses, increases patient hope, enhances wound healing, diminishes medical errors, contributes to patient safety, and improves patient self-care. He also shows how compassionate care prevents depression and burnout in healthcare providers consistent with their living a balanced life and not being overwhelmed.

Stephen demonstrates how no healthcare system can sustain itself competitively without a reputation for the practice of compassionate respect for patients and families. As much as 30% of future Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement will be in part determined by H-CAHPS scores, where questions will be asked patients if they have been treated with care and respect, were communicated with well and had things explained to them and felt responded to adequately by nurses, doctors and other staff.

Stephen’s presentations combine stories, solid medical science, and proven techniques for increasing compassionate care in health systems. His presentation centers around 4 beneficiaries of compassionate care—ensuring success for the patient, the clinicians and the healthcare system.

Additional Rave Reviews

“Grounded in wonderful stories, a touch of mirth, and good medical research, this tremendously uplifting talk both informed and inspired a diverse audience of nearly 1000 students, alumni, and community members. Dr. Post eloquently communicated the way that listening to patients and showing concern for their needs had a profound effect on their health and well-being. The audience felt enlightened, energized, and even transformed.” —David W. Chapman, Dean and Professor of English, Howard College of Arts and Sciences, Stamford University

For speaking inquiries, contact Stephen at 216.926.9244 or by email.

Free PDF article: Routine, Empathic and Compassionate Patient Care

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