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Visionary & Bold Giving

“Dr. Post is to philanthropy as Dr. Seuss is to children’s books! He has an engaging writing style that brings philanthropy to life. He illustrates how medical science validates the profound words “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” But if his writings are captivating, his live presentation skills make him a blockbuster main platform speaker. Needless to say, I am a Stephen Post groupie—and you will be too when you plug into his body of work.” —Monroe “Roey” Diefendorf, Jr., CEO, 3 Dimensional Wealth Advisory, LLC

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Most people know of Sir John Templeton (1912–2008) as founder of The Templeton Funds and one of the great investors of the 20th century. Dr. Stephen Post knew him for nearly two decades as the man who challenged him with his vision for spiritual progress and the human future. By the age of 15 people in Winchester, Tennessee, took note of young John as having an unusually deep sense of spiritual gratitude for an Ultimate Love that is far greater than mere human affection.

In 2001, Sir John selected Stephen as President of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, a free-standing non-profit 501(c) 3 that researches the nature of selfless love, how to raise a caring child, love as an approach to business management, and spirituality in the workplace. The Institute would go on to become renowned worldwide, and due to its message of a truly universal love of all humanity without exception, it was among the first organization hacked by Team Dz ISIS.

Stephen shares a deep, but hilarious story about accepting Sir John’s request to found the Institute despite all the questions it raised, and how Sir John was still challenging him from the grave with his deathbed request that Stephen write a book for him with a title he provided: Is Ultimate Reality Unlimited Love?

The Institute has funded more than 100 major scientific studies, including the The Love Study on the impact of compassionate intentionality on patients with cancer, conducted by researchers at the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Stephen shares letters from Sir John, such as one where he indicates that as least one third of his $5 million grant be used to study “not human love, but the love that made humans.”

Sir John wanted to invest in spiritual entrepreneurs who might be able to use the best in science to allow people to reconsider the possibilities of nonmaterial realities and principles. Sir John would have been happy to see that in 2012 Stephen was invited to give a presentation at Columbia University on Ultimate Reality, and that he will be the visiting national scholar for the National Institute for Advanced Studies in India.

Fasten your seatbelts as Stephen delivers a different sort of philanthropy, a riveting story about visionary and bold philanthropy, a deeply synergistic friendship, and taking risks.

Agape love means feeling and expressing pure, unlimited love for every human being without exception. Developing such a divine ability has been a goal for me almost all of my eighty-six years on earth.” —Sir John Templeton

Additional Rave Reviews

“Dr. Stephen Post spoke to a group of some of the leading global philanthropists on the topic Altruism, Compassion and Love at the Heart of Philanthropy at the 2014 members meeting of the Global Philanthropists Circle in Manhattan. His insights, particularly on the link between science and compassion, enriched the knowledge of the group in this area and contributed to a stimulating and lively discussion.” —Synergos and the Global Philanthropists Circle

“Stephen Post speaks about philanthropy in an important way as he explains how giving benefits not just those who receive, but those who contribute to the lives of others. He weaves together entertaining and uplifting stories of his long relationships with leading philanthropists such as John Templeton with practical wisdom and the new science of giving. Here in Denver he engaged a large and critically-minded group of professional advisors and donors with clarity, humor, and vision.” —Bruce DeBoskey, The DeBoskey Group

“Stephen Post helps us understand the mind and spirit of philanthropy through telling the story of his astonishing journey with Sir John Templeton. A fierce and passionate man, Sir John, as Post affectionately calls him, had the courage to ask the big questions and the tenacity to seek answers. Listeners are always deeply engaged when Stephen speaks.” —Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D., host of the radio show “Voices in the Family” and author of the best-selling Letters to Sam and of the forthcoming The Wisdom We’re Born With: Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves

For speaking inquiries, contact Stephen at 216.926.9244 or by email.

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